Set of 4 - Face Mask/Scrub Accessories

Set of 4 - Face Mask/Scrub Accessories

Eco Friendly Gifts:
Eco Friendly Packaging

Eco Friendly Palm Leaf Bowl
Another firm favourite of ours and at an affordable price, these bowls are truly kind to the planet. They are made from fallen palm leaves, not even picked from the palm tree! They are 100% natural and biodegradable, just rinse in warm water (avoid submerging in water) after use, air dry and reuse. place in your compost pile after you are finished with them. 

Ideal for mixing your face mask/scrubs in and a perfect add on with any clay purchases for a spa at home experience.

Small Black Wooden Handle Face Mask brush

This brush is a great addition to our accessories collection, the bristles are soft and tightly compacted giving even coverage of the face mask/scrub on skin. Stylish and travel friendly, this brush is the perfect addition to your skincare routine.

Small Wooden Spoon

This wooden spoon washes easily in warm water. It is the perfect size for mixing your face mask/scrub with water.

We recommend 1 heaped spoon of our clay mask/scrubs although you can use as little or as much as you please.

100% Natural Wood Pulp Facial Sponges

3 x Supplied in a reusable natural Eco-Friendly muslin bag  

These are another firm favourite of ours, they are composed of soft wood pulp making them biodegradable and provide a gentle exfoliating experience - perfect for cleaning off your face masks/scrubs. These truly are kind to the skin and planet! Watch the sponges expand in warm water!

Directions for use:

  • Just add a little water to expand the sponge to its full size.
  • Gently remove face mask/scrub with the sponge wiping away from the eye areas first.
  • Rinse the mask/scrub off the sponge using water and repeat until all the face mask/scrub has been removed.
  • Wash and wring the sponge after use and leave to air dry.
  • We include a reusable Natural muslin bag with the sponges. It is recommended changing each sponge after 2 uses, although you can use your own discretion!
  • The 3 sponges are enough for each 30g pot of face mask/scrub which provides 5-6 applications. 
  • You are left with a reusable muslin bag afterwards to reuse as you please!

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